Integral Christianity – M. Küstenmacher

We are spirited matter in body forms

So the children teach us to understand the first language of God:
Touch and touch.
Touch is the most original form of healing.
Loving care through mindful touch and hold strengthens and activates the self-healing powers.
The body remains throughout our life the crucial medium in the creative dance of all our experiences, with ourselves, with others, with the world, with God.

to open the mind to rational and transrational levels of knowledge.
The miracle that Jesus Himself was: a man in whom the separation between God and man is abolished.

Courageous people and small children do not dream of repetition but of change. Who has integrated well, will be able to tackle his growth courageously.

Every image of God may disappear when God comes!

To call feelings for self-regulation.

To open oneself to the progressive incarnation of God.

Tragically, it is precisely the pious who have succeeded in integrating all previous stages of development who lock God in a cage in their fundamentalist manner, from which he can no longer escape.

Church exit from suffering at the stoppage of the church.

If it is not absolutely necessary to pass a law, it is absolutely necessary not to pass a law.

What could change if you followed the most noble side of your character?

The first drink from the beaker of science makes one atheist; but at the bottom of the cup God is waiting. (Werner Heisenberg)

The bible is not faultless. You have to read them critically in their historical context and not misunderstand them literally.

Only in 1965 did the Catholic Church in the Second Vatican Council recognize the freedom of conscience and religion as a human right, 17 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the 1948 UN General Assembly.

Doubt is the creative impulse of the mind.
The creative doubt is creative and inspiring, runs us curiously ahead into the unknown and prepares us for the unheard of. A gift from the future of God.

Let’s start with the beginning of Scripture, the creation of the world. For one thing, there are two different creation stories in quick succession. On the other hand, no one could have been there when it started, the people came
according to the Bible, only on the sixth day. This is not schizophrenia, but a paradox, a striking prelude to Scripture. He tells us that reading the Bible is about maintaining a state of consciousness that wants to draw us behind the opposites.

It is utterly absurd to exclude others from the sacrament, instead of celebrating the unification of God’s opposites together.

God is the incomprehensible one.

Strive to be more than yourself so that you lose little if you lose yourself.

A cosmic theology knows, then, that one has to understand every religion as a traveling society with constantly changing cast.

Become a passerby!

We ourselves are less of God’s creatures, we are more of God-enabled creativity.
The nameless, incomprehensible primal ground of being, the living God, has opened up the possibility for humanity to develop.

Be like Jesus an inspirational border crosser

If his heart wanted to judge something, he said to himself: Do not do that! and so his thinking came to rest.

The idea of ​​the devil as she trained among us is so unmanageable that one can not expect any conviction of her truth.

The interpretation of the crucifixion of Jesus as a God-given sacrifice for our salvation and reparation of the sins of the world is an archaic concept that must be abandoned.

Sin is despair.
That is the sin that threatens the believer deeply. Not the evil he does, but the good he refrains, not his misdeeds, but his negligence accuse him.

That man is evil, we were only talked to dualistic religious system.
We see evil acting in dysfunctional structures.
Those who accept, suffer and thus integrate and transform the evil, paradoxically escapes the world of opposites and thus reaches the “conscious heaven”.

Love wants to connect, it strives to share more and more and to create relationship, cohesion and solidarity.
The evil boycott this love, that is extreme godlessness in the name of God, the creative ground of life. We need a universally negotiable global ethic that helps all people at every level to reduce the divisive evil.

You keep your own negative forces and transform them with the help of shadow work yourself.

Sin is God, to regard the absolute SPIRIT or ultimate ground as separate from us and therefore to seek it outside of us.

Love is at home anywhere in the world, if you let it.

The cosmic Christ is perceived as God’s presence and God’s love not only in his own body and mind, but in every other human being, “I see God in you.”

New consciousness, a new image of God and new ways of life are mutually dependent.

You have to win the waiting skeptics, you can not win the reactionaries for a development boost.

In your care, you Christians have a document with enough dynamite in it to blow the entire civilization to pieces, to turn the world upside down, to bring peace to this war-torn world. But you handle it as if it’s just a piece of good literature, nothing else. (Mahatma Ghandi)

The Bible points positively to the scouts and migrants like Moses, who turn to new energy with incredible energy, break out of old thinking and narrow structures, penetrate into the unknown and really dare the adventure of a spiritual life.

The American Indians taught that one must make room for the immensity of the universe.

As the divine fills the whole world, the soul fills the whole body. As the Divine dwells in the Verborgnen, the soul dwells in secret.
The divine establishes the universe within itself and keeps it enclosed.
God is the unfolding of everything.
We know today that we are related to everything in the universe, the visible and the invisible.

When I stalk the fields, I am overwhelmed with a very special feeling from time to time that everything I see has meaning if I could only understand it.

But you are not at the end of the world, but in me.

Refuel as much emotional love energy as possible.

That is why this life that you live is not a piece of world events, but in a certain sense the whole.

What we urgently need at the beginning of the 21st century is to unite the furthest heart with the highest thinking, the infinite love the infinite knowledge.

You learn to feel more and more whether the path you have chosen remains constantly sacred.

The focus of the personality is always where your action is.

Whenever Jesus speaks about the poor, he is simply concerned with the persons; but when he talks about the rich, he simply means all those who have not brought their personality to fruition. (Oscar Wilde)

Theology is always ahead when it manages to bring the content of teaching together with the realities of life and questions of life of an epoch.

All those who advocate further development, with their publications they keep alive the spirit of enlightened reason and the freedom of Christianity.

Is the end of the church just the logical consequence of the message of Jesus?

in a pious dogmatic church, whatever denomination, there are always a few old men in charge.
The church has to reform constantly.
The crisis of faith results from reasons which the Church has created with her own dogmatics.

The church may look like this: sense of symbols and rituals, fearlessness and the will to change, dignity and depth of the sacred, freedom and self-responsibility, care for the well-being of all.

If you can not be with the one you love then love him who is with you.