The Rebirthing of God – John Philip Newell

Juliane of Norwich says we are not made by God but made of God.

God’s wisdom is deep within us.

Thomas Berry
we must move from a spirituality of alienation from the natural world to a spirituality of intimacy with the natural world.

I want to invite a lot more to take an inner attitude of listening that will enable us to move forward in the direction of new beginnings that we probably can not even imagine.

The earlier prophets already knew that in the heart of matter is the heart of God.

We need to get away from a spirituality of alienation from the natural world and develop a spirituality close to the natural world.

There is a direct connection between allowing our feelings and deciding to act. The courage to feel carries the concrete action.

Do we still know that we carry within us the blessings of God for each other? Do we still know that the sources of compassion can bubble up deep within us?

Mary Oliver was convinced: My job is to love the world, and above all, to stand still and learn to marvel.

We forget that the deepest in us is something sacred.
So where do we look for wisdom? Where can we find the truth? Not far from our depths, but deep inside the mystery of our Own Being, every human being, and every great wisdom tradition. Just as all species of the earth need each other to make you feel well, so we need each other as religious traditions. Our true well-being is not found in isolation, but in relationship to others.
One of the main features of being born again of God is that we find the connection to wisdom and allow that to sink into our being
Truth come to light in a new way. This union will take place as we venture into the forgotten and unknown depths of our own soul and tradition. This will include an outward journey into the neglected lands and undiscovered areas of other ways of seeing and other religious traditions.

The historic world religions are not there to compete with each other, but to complement each other.

The time has come for us to grow into the maturity of our Christianity and offer our garden to the whole world. The prerequisite for this is no longer that people become Christians and join us, but important are the gifts we offer the world for their benefit.

Everything that can be said of God always remains smaller than what remains of him unspeakable.

If we refuse to grow into the wisdom of other traditions and nations by sending out secondary roots, we will not become stronger, but weaker.